Tara Tours Haunted Pub Stop: Moon River Brewing Company

Haunted Moon River Brewing Company Savannah, GA

Tara Tours has added a new stop, the Moon River Brewing Company, on our 8:00PM BOOS AND BREWS Tour. All I can say is CREEPY!   A man slapped in the face, a woman screaming (not part of the tour group), tour guide and a skeptic guest seeing a full blown apparition of a woman in the upstairs section of the building and more…

Aug. 17th 2010 Downstairs in the basement I saw a grown woman drop to her knees in fear, crying hysterically as she saw a 6 ft. black shadow of solid mass pass in front of her. Get this…for a living she’s a CSI (Crime Scene Investigator) from Florida!

April 2011 A series of photos taken by Steve Burke from Clearwater, FL. on tour. A tour guest literally got slapped in the face at the bottom of  a staircase that a man was shot on and fell to his death at. This poor man was just standing there, then WHAM…..a slap so hard it knocked him backwards! These three photos (taken seconds apart from each other) can be viewed on our Facebook “Ghost Pictures from Tours” album.

November 6th 2011 My daughter Lyn joins the staff at Moon River Brewing Company. We are patiently awaiting the news of any after hour paranormal activity that may happen in one of the most haunted buildings in Savannah! Stay tuned for more info…

Nov. 25th 2011 My tour guide Chad called me right after the tour tonight. Two of his tour guests captured a live video of an orb moving around on the second floor. Crazy thing is the two guests that filmed the paranormal incident, did not know each otheduring the tour,  at all until meeting tonight on the tour. There was also a rep from WJCL (local tv staion in Savannah) with her friends doing the “Black Friday” tour, and she was absolutely astonished at the two separate videos. She gave my guide her card and said she would like to air these videos on the news!!!! You never know who or what will show up on these tours. Video has been posted to our facebook page.

Nov. 26th 2011 I love it when a skeptic has an encounter on the tour. Chad once again called me at home after the tour and said that one of the tour guests Mr. Hamilton, was touched a couple of times downstairs in the basement of Moon River Brewing Company. Mr. Hamilton had mentioned to Chad he did’nt believe in ghosts, but quickly changed his mind when something started to poke him while touring the creepy basement area. He also had his wife and daughter with him on tour.



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